Liz Cheney Is Trying To Get Democrats To Vote For Her

( After her slipping poll numbers amongst Republicans, Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney is trying to get Democrats to vote for her in her upcoming election. The old Republican sent out “direct mailers” with instructions for Wyoming Democrats, urging them to change parties so that they will be able to vote in the August primary, Breitbart reported.

Cheney’s action is a far cry for help given the states Republican makeup. Wyoming reportedly has four time more registered Republicans than Democrats and Republicans have increased their registration over Democrats by nearly 2,000, according to the Wyoming secretary of state. Even the chair for the Wyoming Democratic Party said that Cheney wouldn’t stand a chance even if all Democrats voted for her.

Cheney has been slipping amongst Republicans for a long time. Before voting to impeach Trump, her disapproval rating stood at 26%; after voting to impeach him, it jumped to an astronomical 72%, according to a report by CNN.

The days of Dick Cheney and the country club Republicans are clearly over, as conservatives are tired of feeling their country slipping from their fingers. Republicans like Cheney who capitulate to Democrats do not serve the people, but power itself. The representative currently sits on the Democrats House select committee for January 6.

“If you look at the betting odds, whether or not she’ll win reelection, [there’s] only about a 10% chance she’ll win,” Political analyst Harry Enten said to Anderson Cooper.

While Cheney said that she would not try to convert Democrats over to the Republican Party in an effort to win her election, current poll numbers show Trump-endorsed challenger Harriet Hageman leading by 28 points.

This shows a greater trend brewing in the country as Trump-endorsed candidates are phasing out so-called “RINOS.” After voting to impeach the former president, five-term incumbent for South Carolina, Rep. Tom Rice, lost his re-election bid to a Trump-endorsed candidate, Russell Fry.

Cheney was voted to no longer be considered a Republican by the Wyoming GOP given her conduct against the president and her alliance with Democrats who began to campaign for her. A left-wing advertising group affiliated with Planned Parenthood and Black Lives Matter were found to be promoting the warmonger to Democrats.

Cheney seems to be on the brink of finally losing her seat. Nearly two years after Biden ascended to the presidency, Trump’s influence on the party is palpable.

“Liz Cheney has lost Wyoming. Liz Cheney doesn’t live in Wyoming. She doesn’t represent us,” Hageman told Breitbart News. “She doesn’t represent our values.”