Liz Cheney Erupts At Mark Levin For Defending Trump

( On Tuesday, Wyoming Republican Representative Liz Cheney lashed out at a comment made by Fox News personality Mark Levin, saying that a plan to retain former President Donald Trump in office in 2020 was not “illegal.”

On Monday, Media Matters published an article that recounted a remark that Levin had provided on the episode of Life, Liberty & Levin that aired the previous day.

The article had the following as its headline: “Mark Levin vehemently defends Trump’s phony electors’ scheme: ‘You could think it’s bizarre, you might think it’s immoral, but it’s not a crime.'”

Levin maintained that the plot was political and not criminal while on his show. He stated another reason why it was not a crime.

Levin said that “You might not like it. You might think it’s weird, you might think it’s unethical, but it’s not a crime.”

He explained that to entirely misunderstand what the Electoral College is all about would be to advocate for making politics a criminal offense, along with many other things that have occurred in this nation throughout its history.

Levin disseminated the findings of Media Matters and then lashed out against the organization that monitors the media.

Levin commented, “Uh, I stated it wasn’t criminal, assholes; I didn’t passionately defend it,” in response to the criticism.

He said he didn’t know how much Soros was paying these dolts, but their relationship with Soros has “ruined you clowns forever.”

Cheney was motivated to act as a result of Levin’s tweet. She referenced the plot, the hearings held on January 6 by the House select committee, and the allegations that former Trump attorney John Eastman made in a series of tweets addressed at Levin.

In March, Kyle Cheney of Politico drew attention to the relationship between Eastman and Levin, writing:

Twelve emails appear to be exchanged with Fox personality Mark Levin among the 600 emails Eastman claims should be kept secret before the Jan. 6 select committee. Eastman refers to Levin as a “dual function” attorney and media figure without ever naming him.