Lindsey Graham Roars After Afghanistan Failure

( South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham had harsh words for the Taliban during an interview on Newsmax on Monday, insisting that the situation unfolding in Afghanistan is a “bunch of bullshit.”

Graham, the on-again-off-again MAGA Republican, told Eric Bolling that the Taliban is currently releasing prisoners across Afghanistan, resulting in thousands of “hardened Jihadists” and foreign fighters being unleashed into the Middle East. He added that these dangerous extremists won’t stop at securing Afghanistan under medieval conditions, but will come after the United States and the West too.

It’s a situation that simply didn’t have to unfold if the United States had withdrawn from Afghanistan in a more managed way.

Remember when former President Donald Trump used to talk about withdrawing based on the conditions on the ground? Perhaps President Joe Biden should have considered that advice…

After Eric Bolling, a new host on the Newsmax network, showed a clip of a Taliban commander talking to CNN, he said to Graham that “any sort of negotiation with these killers” is a bad idea, and asked if Graham agreed.

The South Carolina senator not only agreed, but said that he hopes the United States kills them.

“I hope we kill all these guys,” he said, referring to one Taliban commander who was seen on video stating that the Mujahedeen will have victory and Islamic law will spread beyond Afghanistan and across the rest of the world.

They’re fighting words!

You can watch the incredible interview here.

Graham noted how the Taliban are hated by the Afghan people and that, over time, they will be pushed back and that the United States must empower that pushback against Jihadists.

True…but let’s just hope it’s not in the form of another 20-year war.