Lindsey Graham: China Must Be “SEVERELY” Punished for Killing 16,000 Americans

(PatrioticPost.Com)- Senator Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is an unlikely superhero when it comes to populist conservatism. Once considered mild-mannered and polite, the congressman has mirrored President Trump’s strength since 2016 and in a recent interview on Fox, he called for strict action to be taken against the communist Chinese government.

Speaking to Sean Hannity, Graham said that China must be “severely” punished for covering up the coronavirus outbreak in late 2019, which has led to the deaths of 16,000 Americans so far.

“The first thing I want to do is get the United States Senate on the record where we, we don’t blame Trump, we blame China,” he said.

“The Chinese government is responsible for 16,000 American deaths and 16 million Americans being unemployed. It’s the Chinese government and the way they behave that led to this pandemic. This is the third one to come out of China,” he said.

Graham was referencing the several instances in the past where a virus is believed to have come from one of China’s “wet” markets. In 2003, the SARS virus was believed to have originated in the same kind of market as COVID-19. These markets are common throughout China and are used to sell live wild animals for medicinal and food purposes. The animals are stacked in tight spaces where they salivate, urinate, defecate, and sometimes even bleed on one another.

The dirty conditions are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

“I want to make our response to this so overwhelming that China will change its behavior,” Graham said. “I want to get the medical supply chain back into the United States. I want to start canceling some debt that we owe to China because they should be paying us, not us paying China. So I think you will see a bipartisan pushback against China to punish them so severely to deter them in the future.”

More and more politicians and think tanks, from across the political spectrum, are beginning to realize that China needs to do more to control the spread of viruses like this. A report from the British think tank the Henry Jackson Society even recently suggested that Western nations should sue the Chinese government for trillions of dollars.