Lindsey Graham Accused Of Illegal Violation

( Jaime Harrison, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, accused Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of violating ethics by seeking campaign contributions during a Fox News interview while in the United States Capitol on Wednesday.

According to a report, Harrison responded to a Twitter snippet of Graham’s interview. Harrison claimed it was unethical to solicit campaign contributions in a government office building.

Graham stated in the video that people should go to team If they can provide $5 or $10, it will support Herschel Walker, the Republican contender in Georgia’s U.S. Senate run-off on December 6th.

Harrison whined that Graham did this when he ran against him.  He assumes ethics don’t apply to him.

Oh, please, a Democrat is complaining about ethics?

Washington Post wrote in September 2020 that while appearing on Fox News, Graham asked Fox News viewers for campaign contributions when Graham was fighting for reelection against Harrison.

In a tweet last Sunday, Graham stated that a vote for leadership before the Georgia runoff would be unjust to Republican Herschel Walker if he defeated Raphael Warnock. Given the Georgia Senate runoff, it would be reasonable to postpone Senate leadership elections until we know who will be in the Senate Republican Conference.

Graham stated that all Republicans should be focused on winning in Georgia and understanding the midterm elections before moving on to the 2024 presidential contest.

According to reports, multiple senators have urged for the vote to be postponed, which could force Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) out of his leadership position if enough individuals reject it.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) announced last week that he would not endorse McConnell before the midterm elections, in which Republicans failed to retake the Senate but appear to be narrowly retaking the House.  When asked if he would back Mitch McConnell, Hawley reportedly answered no.  New leadership is needed, in his opinion.