Lincoln Project Rick Wilson HUMILIATED On Stephen Colbert

( Rick Wilson, the so-called “conservative” in charge of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project, took a serious roasting on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week when he appeared on the CBS show to talk about his project’s goals. If you’ve somehow never heard of the Lincoln Project, by the way, it’s a project run by “conservatives” that is aiming to get Trump out of office by assisting the Democrats in their attacks on him and many Trump-supporting Republican congressional candidates.

In a segment of the show called “Tooning Out the News,” Wilson spoke to two animated news anchors and was ambushed over his group’s connections to the George W. Bush administration.

On the Monday episode, Wilson thought he would get an easy time talking about his organization’s attack ads on the president, but it quickly descended into hilarity when awkward questions just kept firing at him.

The two cartoon news anchors poked fun at Wilson for using sexist language, including the time he called President Trump a “whining bitch.”

“Yes, he is a bitch,” the female cartoon character said. “That is the biggest insult, comparing someone to a woman. I hate us!”

This is meant to be a comedy, show, folks.

The male news anchor joked about Wilson’s connections to the Bush administration, saying, “We really miss Bush, he always did what was right for the country – the country being Saudi Arabia.”

Another host them attacked the Never Trump platform, saying, “I miss the Republican party before it embraced Trump, back when it only laid the groundwork for him.”

The jokes weren’t funny, but the attacks against Wilson were. It must have been a harsh wakeup call for the so-called “conservative” who thought he might find kinship with Democrats who hate the president too.

The anchors even leveled attacks against Wilson for saying mean things about supporters of President Barack Obama. The cartoon hosts noted an instance of Wilson calling Obama supporters “pathetic little whores.”

“Rick, when was the exact moment you realized those pathetic little whores could be tapped for money?” one host asked. Ouch!

It’s true, though, isn’t it? Check out the video for yourself. It’s a good reminder of how Democrats think, and how they refuse to work with anyone else to achieve a common goal. What did so-called “conservatives,” think they could get from them?