Lin Wood’s Appeal To Have Voting Machine Access Denied By Judge

( Two attorneys who sued for the access to voting machines in Georgia produced by Dominion Voting Systems were denied that access.

Last Friday, a federal judge denied the lawsuits of Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, saying the court doesn’t have jurisdiction over that decision.

One of President Donald Trump’s claims is that the voting machines created by Dominion had many errors that need to be investigated further. Trump’s campaign has said that the Dominion machines were purposefully programmed to switch votes for Trump to votes for Democrat Joe Biden.

Wood and Powell agreed with the Trump campaign’s allegations, and they filed official lawsuits to try to prove that claim.

Powell’s suit, which was filed last Wednesday, asked the court to allow Republican electors to examine some of the voting machines produced by Dominion. The initial response from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals was they weren’t sure if they even had the authority to examine Powell’s appeal.

That prompted Powell on Friday to enter a brief saying there were mitigating circumstances that would allow that appeals court to rule on the matter.

Later that day, though, Andrew Brashner, a judge for that 11th Circuit Court of Appeals that’s based in Georgia, denied Powell’s appeal. Brashner was a Trump nominee who was confirmed to the bench in February by the U.S. Senate.

As Brashner wrote in his decision:

“This appeal arises from last-minute litigation that alleges widespread election-related misconduct and seeks sweeping relief.”

He then said the court didn’t have jurisdiction over the matter, writing:

“Because we lack jurisdiction, the appeal is dismissed and the motion for permissive appeal is denied. Because we must dismiss this appeal, the defendants’ conditional cross appeal is also dismissed. Any other pending motions are denied as moot.”

This was another blow to the president’s attempts to overturn Georgia’s election results. Also on Friday, Georgia confirmed that Biden won the state. They did so after three separate re-counts of the ballots.

That same day, Trump’s campaign filed another lawsuit in the state that sought to invalidate their election results. Included in the lawsuit were sworn affidavits that came from people who were involved in Georgia’s voting process who also alleged there was fraudulent activity.

Ray Smith, the Trump campaign’s lead counsel, said in a news release on Friday:

“What was filed today clearly documents that there are literally tens of thousands of illegal votes that were cast, counted and included in the tabulations the Secretary of State is preparing to certify. The massive irregularities, mistakes and potential fraud violate the Georgia Election Code, making it impossible to know with certainty the actual outcome of the presidential race in Georgia.”

Brad Raffensperger, the Republican secretary of state in Georgia, released his own statement on Friday. It said they “found no evidence of widespread fraud>’ even after they did multiple recounts.

The fight will continue to go on in Georgia’s court system for the Trump campaign, despite these setbacks.