Lin Wood Wants Trump To Impound Voting Machine For Audit

( Pro-Trump attorneys Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood have called on President Donald Trump to use executive powers to impound the voting machines used in this year’s presidential election, following accusations of voter fraud and manipulation on an electronic level.

Wood and Powell have for months alleged that the Dominion machines used to count and tabulate votes in battleground states across the country incorrectly voted mail-in ballots, which can now also no longer be certified, and incorrectly handed the election to Joe Biden.

In a tweet on Thursday, Lin Wood argued that the president should direct US Marshals to impound the machines.

“On behalf of We The People, I urge @realDonaldTrump to exercise his executive power to direct US Marshals to impound voting machines used in 11/3 election,” he said.

“We The People only ask to receive what we deserve: the knowledge that our cherished right to vote was not stolen from us,” he added.

How can Democrats oppose a simple measure like this that would prove their candidate won legitimately…if he did indeed win legitimately.

Wood also retweeted comments from other Twitter users in which they said that president has “full authority” to direct US marshals to impound the machines.

And if he does, it sounds like exactly the kind of thing President Donald Trump should be doing to guarantee that this election was not fraudulent.

On December 4, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals denied requests by Wood and Powell to impound machines in Georgia, after Judge Andrew Brasher said that the court didn’t have the jurisdiction to do it.

It’s just one of many examples of courts rejecting lawsuits on the grounds of standing and jurisdiction, with no court yet having judged evidence of election fraud on merit or allowed comprehensive analyses of voting machines.

But if Joe Biden is so sure he won this election…shouldn’t he be supporting the analysis of these voting machines to prove it?