License Plate Mistake Slows Down Release

( The rollout of a brand new license plate for Ohio drivers hasn’t gone exactly well. It turns out that a banner that is depicted on the new state-wide plate was affixed to the wrong side of the historic Wright Brothers’ plane, the Wright Flyer.

If you’re going to push something historic on a license plate, you’ll probably want to make sure it’s right!

On the new plate, beams of sunlight are depicted coming from the sky, and a banner reads, “Birthplace of Aviation” – referring to the first-ever plane developed by the Wright Brothers at the turn of the 20th Century. The banner should have been trailing behind the plane in the sky, as one would expect from a plane banner, but it’s actually affixed to the front of the plane.

Which doesn’t make any sense.

After the license plate was officially unveiled, Ohio officials announced that they had been made aware of the error and that they are now working to correct it before it is given to drivers to attach to their vehicles.

A statement from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles announced that the department is aware that the banner should be attached to the rear of the plane, and that they regret the mistake.

You can see why somebody would have made the mistake, to be fair. The original plane looked very different from the kind of planes we see today, and so it appeared as though the trail of the plane was actually the front.

The propellers of this first-ever plane were actually situated on the back of the vehicle, not on the front as you would expect today.

So we can forgive them for this one, right?