Liberal Teacher Calls Thin-Blue-Line Flag The “New Confederacy Flag”

( By now, the radicalization of America’s teachers is well documented – but it’s never a bad thing to expose yet another example of a teacher promoting radical, Marxist, extreme-left politics.

A story from Grass Valley, California, reveals how a substitute teacher reprimanded a 13-year-old student for wearing a mask that displayed the “Thin Blue Line” – an emblem used to symbolize support of law enforcement in the United States. The student is the son of a police officer and was proudly displaying his support of his father’s profession.

The teacher, however, claimed that the emblem was “the new confederacy flag.”

And there’s footage of it, too. Watch as the teacher yells at the student:

The student stood up for himself and argued back with the teacher, but this should never have happened.

Why are teachers teaching children to hate the police? And why are so many teachers parroting extreme-left ideas in classrooms?

The shocking incident occurred at the Lyman Gilmore Middle School and was filmed by several students on their cell phones.

The student, Lucas Lillar, said that he was working at his desk when he was approached by the substitute teacher to ask about his mask.

Lucas’ mother, Amanda McCallum, told Fox40 that her son wore the same mask the week prior, with the same substitute teacher, and he said nothing at the time. This week, however, he appeared to pluck up the courage to shout at a 13-year-old boy.

McCallum said that “these topics need to be left at the door” and that school should be about educating children in a safe environment.

Isn’t it incredible that parents even need to say something like that these days?

The mother said that she hopes to speak to the superintendent about the incident in the coming week.