Liberal Media Now Claim Trump Was Compromised By Bribery As President Due To Fake Furs

( The left-wing media is still obsessed with former President Donald Trump. Even now that the former president is a private citizen, reporters, pundits, and news outlets can’t stop themselves from inventing new scandals.

The New York Times is certainly one of the worst culprits for this, and the latest invented scandal comes from writer Michael S. Schmidt.

According to Schmidt, the gift exchange between former President Donald Trump and leaders of various foreign nations would sometimes devolve into a “shambles.”

He started by talking about how the Saudi Arabian royal family “showered” the former president with dozens of gifts, including robes made with cheetah and white tiger fur, and even a dagger that was made of ivory.

He then claimed that a White House lawyer determined that possessing the furs and the dagger would be a violation of the United States’ Endangered Species Act – but that the Trump administration held on to the gifts and didn’t disclose them.

Is that really the worst thing that has ever happened? How about we talk about President Joe Biden’s family raking in cash from business deals made off the back of the Biden name?

President Donald Trump lost $70 million on his Washington, D.C. hotel during his time in office. Which one of the two presidents benefitted more from their time in office?

Schmidt then complained that on the final day of Trump’s presidency, the president handed the gifts over to the General Services Administration instead of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. And from there, it turned out that the fits were fake.


The report then lists a $5,800 bottle of whiskey that was given to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who claims that he never received it. Another State Department official was reportedly given a 22-karat gold coin.

The whole report could be accurately and easily described as a “nothing burger.” Focusing on gifts given to the former Trump administration while the country faces economic ruin under President Joe Biden strikes us as fiddling while Rome burns…