LGBTQ Members Are Suddenly Embracing The Far Right, Scaring Democrats

( A recent Salon article accused “gay culture” of discrimination based on gender, race, age, and ability that creates “hierarchies of beauty” and places a premium on “being white, young, physically fit, and attractive by Western European cultural standards.” They say that far-right ideology is taking hold in LGBTQ communities.

Christopher Conner, an assistant teaching professor of sociology at the University of Missouri, wrote the Sunday essay titled “Why is far-right ideology taking hold in LGBT+ communities?” Conner alleges that the way that many gay men talk about bodies and beauties may have ripened their minds for right-wing thinking.

Although depictions of gay life in films and TV shows often portray LGBT+ individuals as politically-active progressives, there is a rising proportion of LGBT+ conservatives in the real world, some of whom support far-right ideas.

The author expresses concern that the demographic “seems to be gaining traction and momentum within certain sectors of the LGBT+ community” in the United States and other western nations. She asserts that this development is unusual “given that many of the ideas currently being espoused by the far-right promote racial hierarchies, transphobia, and even anti-gay sentiments.”

Some similar views about what makes beauty within the broader LGBT+ community reflect what is expressed by far-right figures.

Conner claims that a “gay French socialite and artist named Renaud Camus” is credited with coining the phrase “the great replacement theory” and that “gay men have played a major role in pushing some of the most talked subjects in conservative politics.”

Additionally, he charges gay political analyst Dave Rubin with supporting “transphobic and anti-lesbian discourse” and propagating the thesis.

Gay men’s ideas about what constitutes beauty mirror those espoused by far-right political figures, according to author Michael Conner. Conner claims that gay men promote ideas that naturalize hierarchies of beauty. He argues that the success of gay rights has allowed “far-right ideology to permeate into the LGBT community.” LGBT+ society has characteristics that create fertile ground for far-right ideology to take hold. This has manifested in the promotion of QAnon by LGBT+ people, homosexual men using racist insults on dating apps, and the acceptance of authoritarian stances that marginalize those at the bottom.

The left-leaning LGBTQ activists who “support” the terrorist organization Hamas, which “systematically murders LGBTQ people,” were denounced by Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY) last month. Out Magazine urged readers to “drop” gay conservative pals in an “What To Do When Your Friend Is a Gay Republican” article.