Lena Dunham Wants To Mary Hunter Biden

(PatrioticPost)- Hunter Biden might be a scandal-ridden businessman who profited from his father’s time in the White House and has appeared in several leaked videos performing sexual acts with very young-looking women, but that hasn’t stopped left-wing women like comedy actress Lena Dunham fawning over him.

The young Biden, who has struggled for years with drug addiction and has been seen in many leaked videos smoking crack cocaine while engaging in sexual acts with prostitutes, has caught the attention of far-left star Dunham who said on Thursday that she would like to marry him.

“I cannot wait to spend holidays at the White House when I am Hunter Biden’s beautiful wife,” Dunham said.

That statement’s questionable for a couple of reasons, and we’ll let you guess why.

Dunham didn’t say much else about it, suggesting it may have just been some kind of publicity stunt. But, with Biden’s questionable lifestyle choices, dating Lena Dunham doesn’t seem like too big a stretch.

Hunter Biden did, after all, have an affair with the wife of his late brother. He also got a stripper pregnant and his father, Joe Biden, has repeatedly refused to acknowledge the existence of his grandchild publicly.

Hunter Biden is currently being investigated by the FBI, though how long that will last with his father now in the White House is unclear. The young Biden is alleged to have laundered money obtained through his connection to the White House when his father was the vice president under the Obama Administration. The story was broken by the New York Post last year, right before the election, but Big Tech teamed up with the Democrats and the mainstream media to cover up the story.

After weeks of false accusations that the story was part of a Russian disinformation campaign, the FBI investigation was confirmed in the days and weeks following election day.

Joe Biden has yet to publicly acknowledge the scandal or even apologize for it.

The idea of a future Mrs. Lena Biden doesn’t seem so crazy when you think of all the stuff this guy has already done…