Leftists Tear Down Statue for New Mexico Union Veterans

(PatrioticPost.com)- Far-left activists tore down an obelisk statue that was erected to commemorate the fallen New Mexico Union veterans of the Civil War. The statue also commemorated everybody who fought against Native Americans – likely the reason why far-left extremists chose to tear down the public monument in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

The statue was erected in 1868, making it a historic local monument. CNN reports how it has long been a controversial monument, with leftists taking offense at the symbol representing some of America’s most troubling and difficult battles.

An inscription on the statue reads, “to the heroes who have fallen in the various battles with savage Indians in the territory of New Mexico.”

As well as tearing down the statue, leftists chose to chisel off the word “savage” from the 152-year-old monument. It suggests a fundamental lack of understanding of American history, as the Native American tribes of the time were by no objective measure entirely peaceful.

Tearing down the statue was entirely unnecessary, too, as the mayor of Santa Fe, Democrat Alan Webber, ordered for the obelisk to be removed in June. Plans were delayed, however, as the monument was deemed too heavy to be safely removed.

In 20 minutes, 40 left-wing extremists used chains and ropes to pull down the historic monument.

KOB4 reporter Megan Abundis described how there was no police presence as the extremists pulled down the monument. At the time of reporting, Santa Fe Police had not responded to questions asking why they didn’t attend and stop it from happening.

Hours after the monument was pulled down, at 3 pm, police appeared wearing riot gear and holding non-lethal projectile weapons. Local law enforcement officials had prepared for a riot but the leftist activists appeared content with the destruction by then.

Local people also reported put blame on the mayor for the statue being pulled down, blaming his recent comments attacking the statue.