Lee Zeldin Is Taking Calls To Replace RNC Chair

(PatrioticPost.com)- Poor Lee Zeldin. What he should have done is seek the governorship of a state that still holds elections that are conducted in an open and honest manner. On the day of the election in New York State, the Republican candidate was ahead in many polls, but they were useless since he lost to Kathy Hochul, a complete idiot.

Now New York State will be able to proceed with its downward slide toward more crime, violence, socialism, and repressive rules.

Lee Zeldin was instrumental in raising the profile of Republican candidates in the state.

The good news is that Republican constituents are calling Lee Zeldin, pushing him to replace Ronna McDaniel in light of the fact that she lost yet another landslide election.

According to his media consultant, John Brabender, the Republican Representative Zeldin lost in a surprisingly close call race. Brabender has spoken with elected officials and party activists who want Zeldin to run for the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee.

According to Brabender, “He has gotten calls from all over the country.” He said he might, at the very least, look into these opportunities. He is taking calls, talking to individuals, and listening to them, but the situation has not progressed further than that.

Neither Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the RNC, nor Tommy Hicks, who serves as the co-chair, has said whether or not they would run for re-election at the party’s winter conference in January. One male and one woman are required to hold the top two posts following the party’s rules.

In light of the fact that former President Donald Trump announced a third run for the presidency on Tuesday, and because many of the top-tier candidates he endorsed — and who pushed his 2020 election lie — lost in the midterm elections, Republican officials have been buzzing about who might take the reins in the event that Trump does not choose McDaniel and Hicks.