Lawsuit: Apple Punished Worker For Taking Action Against Communist China

( According to a report from Reason, a former employee of technology company Apple recently filed a lawsuit in which he claims that he was punished by his employer for approving an app that was critical of the Chinese government.

If it’s true, it means that Apple is actively working to keep the communist Chinese government happy, despite its routine human rights violations and other despicable behavior.

Trieu Pham, who filed the suit, was employed as an app reviewer at Apple. He reviewed applications made by developers to publish apps on the Apple App Store. Pham claims that he was discriminated against and wrongfully terminated, in a suit filed in Santa Clara, California in December last year.

The suits describes how in 2018 he was criticized by managers at the company for approving an application from Guo Media. The app was “critical of the Chinee government” and the developer is a website run by a Chinese businessman, Guo Wengui, who is exiled in the United States. Wengui made allegations of corruption at top of the communist Chinese government.

Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian decided roughly three weeks ago that Pham v. Apple, Inc. can go ahead.

In the suit, Pham says that managers conducted a review of his performance after he filed a complaint about discrimination internally at the company in September 2017. He claims that they then gave him a “Documented Coaching Plan” that include a series of reviews that he says were improperly completed. The plan also referred to Pham’s decision to approve the Guo Media app, considering it a serious error, because it was already banned on the Chinese version of the Apple App Store.

Think about this. Apple may have disciplined an employee for doing something that communists in China might not like.

Pham says that Apple was contacted by Chinese authorities, who demanded that the app be removed. An internal investigation followed, which led to Pham’s targeting and eventual dismissal.

You can find the full details of the case here and we will update you on how this moves forward.

Given that an Apple lens supplier was recently accused of using slave Uighur labor in China, it probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Apple wants to keep the communists happy.