Lawmakers Reveal FBI Is Targeting Parents

( Last week, House Judiciary Committee Republicans Jim Jordan and Mike Johnson said they have evidence from whistleblowers that the FBI has been targeting parents protesting at school boards despite Attorney General Merrick Garland’s assurances that such targeting never happened.

Last fall, Attorney General Garland sent a memo to the FBI and DOJ instructing them to create a joint task force to investigate “threats” against school board members after a request from the National School Boards Association demanding parents be investigated as potential domestic terrorists.

Garland later downplayed the memo and denied that parents were being targeted by federal law enforcement.

However, an internal email from the criminal and counterterrorism divisions of the FBI had instructed agents to apply the threat tag “EDUOFFICIALS” to investigations and assessments of threats purportedly directed at education officials.

In a letter to the Garland last Wednesday, Congressmen Jordan and Johnson said they have obtained evidence that the FBI had dozens of investigations into parents that have been labeled with this threat tag.

According to their letter, the evidence, provided by “brave whistleblowers” in the Justice Department, shows how the feds were using “counterterrorism resources to investigate protected First Amendment activity,” as a “direct result” of Garland’s October directive.

In their letter, the lawmakers cite several examples where parents were being investigated by the FBI, including a woman with the group Moms for Liberty who told a school board, “We’re coming for you.” The woman was reported to authorities because she was a gun owner who belonged to a “right wing mom’s group.” The FBI determined she was not a threat.

In another example, the FBI interviewed someone who reported a father who opposed mask mandates as fitting the “profile of an insurrectionist.” The person who ratted on this father later admitted that there was “no specific information or observations” of “any crimes or threats.”

In another case cited in the letter, an FBI field office investigated a Republican state official acting on a tip from a Democrat state official who claimed Republicans were inciting violence when “expressing displeasure with” vaccine mandates at school districts.

While Jordan and Johnson acknowledge in their letter that the FBI ultimately found nothing to these reported cases, they blast the FBI for wasting “their limited time and resources investigating these complaints.”