Lawmaker Pelosi Vetoed Sends Message To Her “I Am Flattered”

( Representative Jim Banks was one of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s GOP pick for the committee that’s investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol building in January.

But, Banks won’t serve on the committee, because Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi denied his appointment.

It’s no surprise that Pelosi rejected Banks. After all, she’s been targeting him in the media for a while now as a major target of liberals. Banks has been one of the biggest supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Apparently, Banks wasn’t upset at the rejection, either. He considered it a compliment.

This week, Banks gave an interview in his office this week and remarked:

“I’m flattered that Nancy Pelosi is threatened by me. Clearly, she viewed Jim Jordan and I as threats to her mission to completely politicize the January 6 select committee.”

The appointment of Jordan, a Republican representative from Ohio, to the committee was also rejected by the House speaker.

Banks continued in his interview:

“Jim Jordan and I are two conservative fighters in the House, and we are going to ask tough questions that go down a path that is not good for Democrats. And, by rejecting us on the committee is just further proof that this was fully a political exercise on their part.”

Banks is a prominent GOP member of Congress. He serves as the chairman of the Republican Study Committee and has his sights set on a GOP leadership role in the next Congress following the 2022 midterm elections. Banks’ rise could be even more exponential in leadership if Republicans win back control of the House next year.

Banks is a veteran of the Afghanistan war, and he also serves as an officer with the Navy Reserve Supply Corps. Because of this past, Banks has said he wants to eventually chair one of the House subcommittees dedicated to the Armed Services, should Republicans win back majority in the House.

He recently told media outlet The Hill:

“I have no grand plan. But, I’ve always been transparent about my ambition in the House, and about being a leader on the House Armed Services Committee.

“I sort of have a longer-term view here being a member that comes from a great district. I see myself serving here for a while, and with seniority comes more opportunity to do good things for Indiana and fight for conservative issues that my conservative district cares about.

“So, I’ve never had any other ambition than that. But, in the meantime, if there’s another place where Speaker McCarthy and Majority Leader Scalise see opportunities where I can serve and be part of the team in places where I can make a difference, I’m open to that.”

That last comment was a nod to Banks believing that the GOP will win the House majority in 2022, which will lead to McCarthy being the Speaker and Scalise being the majority leader.