Lauren Boebert Has Massive Warchest

( Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert might be one of the more controversial members of Congress, even among Republicans, but this week she stunned politicos everywhere when it was revealed that she took in a massive $700,000 in donations during just the first three months of this year.

That’s a pretty massive war chest for her election campaign during the midterms.

It shows that Boebert’s staunch defense of American values and the Second Amendment is working, at least among a very passionate section of the public – but it doesn’t mean she is safe in her seat.

State Senator Kerry Donovan, one of the biggest challengers to Boebert, has also raised over $614,000 in the last two months since announcing her candidacy to replace the Republican representative.

Boebert’s outspoken opposition to Democrat gun laws has made her a huge target for the Democrats.

In fact, Donovan’s entire campaign seems to be focused on defeating Lauren Boebert, and not on making Colorado a better place to live. On her social media, Donovan’s slogan reads, “Kerry Donovan is running for U.S. Congress to defeat Lauren Boebert.”

…inspiring, I guess?

The combined war chests of Donovan and Boebert massively outweigh what was raised during the last election cycle – and last time there was a presidential election going on! It’s a sign that the race is going to be particularly heavy in the rural third district of Colorado.

During her last campaign that sent her to Congress, Boebert raised roughly $3 million. Her continued support means she’ll have plenty of money to run TV and digital campaign ads, pay for staff and run ads continuing her pro-gun agenda, and no doubt exposing Donovan’s record on the issues that matter to local people.