Lauren Boebert Could Lose Her Race

( In a very odd situation, to say the least, a House election in Colorado looks headed to a recount, yet the Democratic challenger has already conceded the race.

Incumbent Republican Representative Lauren Boebert was ahead of Democratic challenger Adam Frisch by 0.17% as of Frida. Colorado’s election laws trigger a mandatory recount any time the margin between the top two vote-getters in any race is at or below 0.5% of the candidate who is in the lead.

Most major media outlets, including The Associated Press, haven’t called the election yet, as they believe the results of the 3rd Congressional District race in Colorado are too close.

Yet, on Thursday night, Boebert claimed victory for the election, while Frisch conceded on Friday.

In his concession, Frisch claimed that his showing in the election is proof that America is ready for a change and a move away from former President Donald Trump. Boebert has been one of Trump’s most loyal supporters.

In speaking with the AP, Frisch said:

“America is tired of the circus, tired of the lack of respect for our institutions and democracy, and tired of the lack of civility in our discourse.

“We were written off by the political class, we were written off by the donor class, and we were written off by the political media. I wish more people didn’t take nine months to call me back.”

Frisch hasn’t written off the possibility that he will run for the seat once it’s up again in two more years.

Despite saying he believed in the recount, Frisch also said he is realistic enough to see that it’s unlikely that enough votes would switch to make him the winner of the race. That’s what made him call Boebert to concede the election to her.

On Thursday night, Boebert displayed how confident she was in the election count. She tweeted a video of herself standing in front of the U.S. Capitol building, saying:

“Come January, you can be certain of two things. I will be sworn in for my second term as your congresswoman, and Republicans can finally turn [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi’s House back into the People’s House.

The close race that Boebert just went through is another sign that voters throughout the country might just be tired of Trump and those who follow him — at least according to many political pundits.

As one of Trump’s staunchest supporters, Boebert actually faced a very tight re-election race at a time when she probably shouldn’t have been vulnerable. While many people obviously like the fiery attitude and willingness to say whatever she wants, others are also turned off by it.

Frisch’s campaign focused on staying away from slinging insults, though he did say that Boebert is touting “angertainment” and “antics” through her campaign. He even had a platform that could be considered mostly conservative, and he didn’t even mention that often that he was a Democrat when he was campaigning.

The tactic almost worked, too, though it seems that Boebert will indeed win re-election, pending the outcome of the recount.