Latest Target Against Trump Could Help Him

( The latest target set to investigate Trump could allegedly help the former president. While many political pundits are saying that the Biden Justice Department’s appointment of Special Counsel Jack Smith is going to be disastrous for Trump, former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly told the “Just the News, Not Noise” television show that the appointee will work to Trump’s benefit, according to the outlet.

O’Reilly said if Smith wants to know more about Trump’s role during January 6, then he will have to dig into what the FBI knew ahead of the event, what they and law enforcement could have done to prevent the riot, and what assets did and did not go to the Capitol that day. All of these issues have reportedly failed to be addressed by the partisan January 6 committee.

O’Reilly also noted a New York Times report saying that “there were at least eight FBI agents embedded in the most virulent protesters that day.” He questioned what they were doing there and what they knew, which is something that even the FBI director won’t answer.

During a recent House committee hearing, FBI Director Christopher Wray failed to answer Republican Rep. Clay Higgins when he asked whether the FBI had “confidential human sources embedded within the January 6 protests on January 6, 2021?”

Wray said that he needed to be careful of what he said about the confidential human resources but asserted that the FBI did not “instigate or orchestrate January 6.”

Clay asked the FBI director again if those confidential human sources were dressed up as Trump protestors and “positioned inside the Capitol.” But again, Wray refused to answer that question.

The November hearing mimics a similar Senate hearing that took place in June 2022, when the FBI’s executive assistant director for their national security branch, Jill Sanborn, also refused to answer Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s questions over the extent of the involvement of the federal agency, according to a report from conservative magazine American Pigeon.