Larry Nassar Made Disgusting Comment Before Being Attacked In Prison

According to a report, the inmate who is suspected of stabbing notorious former sports doctor Larry Nassar in a federal prison in Florida claimed that Nassar triggered the assault by making a vulgar joke while the two watched a Wimbledon tennis match on TV.

According to court documents, Shane McMillan is a prisoner at the federal Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. He was previously convicted of attacking a corrections officer at a federal prison in Louisiana in 2006 and of trying to murder another inmate in 2011.

According to the report, McMillan stabbed Nassar numerous times in his neck, chest, and back on Sunday in their cell until four other convicts came inside and grabbed him away from Nassar.

Nassar’s health has been described as “stable” since he was sent to the hospital on Tuesday with a collapsed lung and other injuries.

The majority of federal prison units have their cell doors open throughout the day, allowing inmates unfettered movement. Surveillance cameras only record activity in public rooms and hallways. Therefore, the assault on Nassar went undocumented.

The report showed that the 49-year-old McMillan informed prison staff that he assaulted Nassar after the sexual offender made a joke about wanting to see girls participate in the Wimbledon women’s competition.

Four-hundred-and-forty women have come forward to accuse Larry Nassar, a former doctor for the United States gymnastics team, of sexually abusing them while they were young. And several witnesses at his trial told harrowing tales of torture.

Nassar sat calmly during the penalty hearing as victim after victim submitted victim impact statements detailing how the doctor exploited his position as a sports doctor to molest them while they were young.

Nassar, who also assaulted young women in Michigan, faced up to 40 years in prison on top of the 60 years he was given for child pornography.

Nassar abused his position as a medical professional for U.S. Gymnastics and as an employee in the sports department at Michigan State University.