Large Family Devastated By Hamas Attack

A close family acquaintance told a media outlet that more than three days have passed since Hamas militants assaulted their Israeli kibbutz and that roughly 12 members from the same family are still missing, including three small children.

Since the early morning assault on Saturday, Israeli lawyer Shaked Haran’s parents, sister, nieces, nephews, brother-in-law, and aunts have not been heard from, according to the family acquaintance.

When Haran’s family desperately tried to reach Haran’s father by phone on Sunday, his friend and supervisor, Rachel Gur, received a terrifying call, probably from one of the hostage takers who had an Arabic accent.

Kibbutz Be’eri, where Haran’s family resided, was one of the first areas captured by Hamas terrorists on Saturday at dawn. At least 100 dead were uncovered there this week. Kibbutz Be’eri is located near the Gaza Strip.

Gur said that pregnant Haran and her two little children were safe with her husband but were distraught about their disappearing family members. Haran’s nieces are among the missing.

Gur shares in the national shock at the surprise assault that killed over a thousand Israelis. She and Haran’s other loved ones are doing their best to ease her anxiety over the health of her pregnancy. It’s not just one family that’s affected by this tragedy.

They have a lot of resentment, she remarked. We merely need to narrow our attention. People are upset with both Hamas and the Israeli government. But we have to prioritize those we can help. We may vent our wrath after that.

On Tuesday, Israeli Defense Forces showed international journalists around a destroyed kibbutz, where they observed mounds of shattered furniture, burning automobiles, and the bodies of inhabitants and terrorists.

Tuesday evening, Israeli forces were still investigating Kfar Aza kibbutz houses they believed were booby-trapped with explosives, so there could be no official death toll.
Sounds of distant gunshots and explosions were heard. Warning sirens blared overhead as missiles were shot down.

‘Tell the rest of the world what you witnessed here!’ said an Israeli soldier.