Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecutor May Have Broken Law With Dangerous Stunt

( As we finally await the end of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, it’s just been revealed that Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger – prosecuting – may have broken the law when he grabbed an AR-15 in the courtroom and literally pointed it at people sitting in the room.

Binger has been widely condemned for the way he has treated Rittenhouse throughout the trial, focusing on literally everything other than the fact that Rittenhouse shot at three people in self-defense. Whether it’s Rittenhouse technically living across the border or accusations that the young man plays violent video games, Binger has repeatedly made himself an enemy for those who support the right to defend yourself.

When the attorney was demonstrating how the weapon was used, he picked up the AR-15 gun, pointed it at people, and even put his finger on the trigger.

It was clear that Binger has either never been through gun safety training, or he has forgotten the very basics of staying safe while holding a gun.

This is the guy trying to condemn Rittenhouse for his safe handling of the weapon. Look:

And while many noted that Binger was reckless and careless to handle the weapon in such a way, others have pointed out the possibility that he actually broke Wisconsin law.

Under “Crimes Against Public Health and Safety,” 941.20 refers to “Endangering safety by use of dangerous weapon.”

The statute reads:

“(1)  Whoever does any of the following is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor:
941.20(1)(a)(a) Endangers another’s safety by the negligent operation or handling of a dangerous weapon.”

Did Binger break the law?

We’ll soon find out.