Kyle Rittenhouse Has A Warning Against The Biased Liberal Media

( In an interview with Fox News, Kyle Rittenhouse warned that the media may be facing consequences for their irresponsible reporting on the Kenosha shooting and his subsequent trial.

Asked if the news media is starting to face consequences for its shoddy coverage of him and people like former Covington student Nick Sandmann, Rittenhouse agreed. “There’s going to be some media accountability coming soon,” he said.

Nick Sandmann recently announced that he had reached a settlement with NBC News over its defamatory coverage of the January 2019 phony incident at the Lincoln Memorial.

“Good for him,” was Rittenhouse’s response when asked about Sandmann’s most recent settlement.

In a previous interview with Tucker Carlson shortly after he was acquitted, Rittenhouse said he had good lawyers who were looking into the media’s defamation of him.

Rittenhouse spoke with Fox shortly after his appearance at the Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest in Phoenix. He has yet to announce any lawsuits against media outlets.

Rittenhouse was also asked what he would say to people who felt they needed to defend themselves or wanted to protect their communities from rioting. He said if there was another riot like the one in Kenosha, he would do things differently. After what he endured, Kyle explained, he said it wasn’t worth it.

While he conceded that going to Kenosha wasn’t the best idea, Rittenhouse maintains that people have the right to defend themselves.

When asked about the students at Arizona State University demanding that the school “withdraw” him, Rittenhouse said he deserves an education just as much as anyone else.