Kyle Rittenhouse Considers Changing His Name

( After the acquittal on Friday, Kyle Rittenhouse’s lead defense attorney Mark Richards told reporters that he thought Rittenhouse should “change his name and start his life over.” And on Tuesday, Rittenhouse seemed to endorse this suggestion.

In an interview with host Ashleigh Banfield on NewsNation, Banfield asked Rittenhouse if he was considering following Richards’ advice. Kyle said that he was considering changing his name, adding jokingly that he may also grow a beard and lose some weight.

Mark Richards had also told reporters that Rittenhouse was unlikely to remain in the area because “it’s too dangerous” for him. He said that the 18-year-old has to be able to get on with his life and regain some level of anonymity.

After his acquittal, Republican Congressmen Matt Gaetz and Madison Cawthorn discussed the possibility of offering Rittenhouse an internship. But Rittenhouse dismissed the idea, telling Ashleigh Banfield that he has no interest in getting involved in politics.

During his lengthy interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson Monday night, Rittenhouse said that he is enrolled at Arizona State University and said that he is considering a career as a nurse. But that might change, he said, adding that he was also looking into possibly becoming a lawyer.

Whatever he decides, Rittenhouse said what he really wants is to be able to return to a normal life of quiet anonymity.

Regarding the threats and harassment he has faced, Rittenhouse told Carlson that his life has been “extremely defamed” and he doesn’t think he will be able to get a job and “not have to deal with harassment.”

In the meantime, Kyle told Tucker he has some “good lawyers” looking into possible lawsuits against those who have, for more than a year, defamed him.