King’s Guard Flips Out On Woman Who Touched Him

When a tourist approached a King’s Guard for a photo op, the guard yelled in the visitor’s face.

More than 27 million people have seen the video of the soldier’s violent response outside Buckingham Palace.

The guard stomps his foot, spins around with a massive sword, and yells at her, “Do not touch the King’s Life Guard!”

Social media users’ responses varied on the question of whether or not the loud response was warranted.

“He’s not a show attraction; he’s there to defend the King,” a commenter said in support of the guard.

“He’s so disrespectful and dramatic,” said another.

The standard guard shift consists of two hours of standing sentry and four hours off. They have to put in time no matter the temperature outside, and they’re on the clock whether smiling or not.

While guards are not permitted to converse with the public, they can provide verbal warnings to anyone who blocks them.

It’s not the first time a guard’s response has taken aback an ordinary citizen.

In February, a video showed a guard becoming angry with a visitor who attempted to seize his horse’s reins. The lady can be seen trying to strike a pose while dressed in a white coat, blue skirt, and black boots.

She glances at the camera and makes an initial grab for the reins.

The young lady is startled by the aggressive reaction of the red-clad soldier, who yells, “Get off the reins!”

Another lady with a black fur coat runs away from the commotion, but the younger traveler tries again to seize the horse’s reins.

The shocked soldier spins around again and yells, “Get off!” louder this time.

The Horse Guards are staffed by the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, which is responsible for the King’s Life Guard.

The Household Cavalry, sometimes known as the “guardians of the queen,” is formed by combining the Life Guards and the Blues and Royals, the two highest-ranking regiments in the British Army.