Kim Jong Un’s Sister Threatens United States

( If North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is losing weight due to illness, there is no doubt his sister Kim Yo Jong is positioning herself to be his successor in the event of his death.

Sunday, Kim Yo Jong issued a warning to the US and South Korea against holding their annual military drills, claiming that holding these drills would rekindle tensions and cause damage to the two Koreas developing better ties.

Kim Yo Jong, who has long been seen as her brother’s closest confident, was chosen as his top representative for inter-Korean affairs. In her statement on Sunday, Kim said that if South Korea wishes to restore mutual trust between the two Koreas, carrying on with the joint military drills with the US “further beclouds the way ahead of the North-South relations.”

Kim noted that Pyongyang would be closely following whether the South stages these “hostile war exercises” this month or if it makes any other “bold decision.”

Kim’s remarks came just days after it was reported that North and South Korea reopened long-dormant communication channels with each other. Though, Kim Yo Jong contends that it would be “thoughtless” to assume that this restoration of communication means summits are around the corner.

The US and South Korea are scheduled to conduct a joint military drill later this month. Both nations have previously described this exercise as “defensive” in nature. However, North Korea has previously called them an invasion rehearsal – even launching missile tests in response.

At this point, it is unclear if this month’s exercise will take place. According to the South Korean Defense Ministry, the status of the COVID pandemic will be reviewed first before deciding whether or not to proceed with the drills.

Kim Yo Jong has long taken a rather hostile stance against the United States. Earlier this year, Kim warned President Biden if the US “wants to sleep in peace” during his term, the US must avoid “causing a stink.”

Many North Korea experts believe that Kim Yo Jong is being groomed by her brother to take over in the event he dies before his 12-year-old son comes of age. However, she needs to win some “revolutionary achievements” first in order to get the support in North Korea’s highly traditional ruling class.