Kim Jong Un’s Daughter Might Be A Plant

( According to a report, it may have been planned for the daughter of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to enter the public eye while the nation was still conducting ballistic missile tests.

Soo Kim, a contributor to the Lowy Institute, an Australian think tank focused on Asia-Pacific policies, proposed the theory. Last month, the North Korean leader was pictured holding hands with a young woman, later identified as his daughter Ju-ae.

According to the Pentagon, North Korea has launched several short-range ballistic missiles in the last two months, along with an ICBM that has been used to simulate attacks on air bases, aircraft, and major cities in the United States and South Korea. The simulation was North Korea’s response to Vigilant Storm, a series of joint exercises between the US and South Korea to strengthen their alliance.

The day after another ICBM launch, Ju-ae made her first public appearance on November 18. Her exact age is unknown, but estimates range from 9 to the beginning of adolescence. The couple is also thought to have two other kids, one of whom was a son born in 2010.

According to Soo Kim, the unveiling was “intentional” because of the supreme leader’s penchant for elaborate displays. She added that
Ju- ae’s involvement in the dictator’s succession plans is a sign to the populace, particularly in light of the leader’s recent health concerns.

According to a survey by The Asian Institute for Policy Studies, South Koreans feel compelled to develop their nuclear arsenal for self-defense due to North Korea’s ongoing nuclear testing and disregard for concerns raised by nations like the U.S.

Jenny Town, a senior fellow at the Stimson Center, claimed that it is still unclear whether Ju-ae’s appearance was a one-time occurrence or a representation of a North Korean political narrative.

Town explained that there were political motivations for the daughter’s appearance but doubted it was to detract from the ICBM’s success. If anything, it shows how confident they were in the test’s success despite earlier this year’s unsuccessful launches, and it appears to reiterate the program’s long-term strategy.

Let’s hope Kim Jong Un’s kids don’t end up like their crazy daddy.