Kim Jong Un Regime Sends Mocking Message Over Joe Biden

( President Joe Biden was called feeble in a commentary released this weekend by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), a government-run publication in North Korea.

The piece mocked White House staff for having a hard time dealing with Biden’s senility.
The remark responded to Biden’s claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin was a “war criminal” for purported attacks on civilians in Ukraine. In February, Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine to supposedly “de-Nazify” the nation, alleging Ukraine lacked “tradition” as a sovereign state and hinting at the country’s abolition.

Before his public complaints against Putin, Biden was a driving force behind initiatives that increased America’s reliance on Russian crude oil. Biden is said to have looked at buying oil from Venezuela’s socialist regime, which is a Russian stooge.

While the North Korean government has remained silent on Biden recently, it has routinely attacked him, most notably referring to him as a “rabid dog” who should “be beaten to death with a stick.”

On Saturday, KCNA released a commentary allegedly written by Kim Myong Chol, an “international studies” specialist, predicting that Biden had lost “his intellectual function” and that this had provoked the hostile words against Putin. However, Kim conceded that Biden may have referred to Putin as a “war criminal” because his advisers had written it into his “script,” implying that Biden is not permitted to talk freely for fear of becoming incoherent.

According to Kim, the newest scandal is the US top executive who talked poorly of Russian President Vladimir Putin based on flimsy evidence. Kim did not mention Biden by name.

Kim felt that calling the leader of a sovereign state a ‘war criminal’ and a murderous dictator with no reasonable and verifiable evidence is an insult to the other nation and a flagrant violation of sovereignty.

“Such reckless remarks can be made only by the descendants of Yankees, master hand at aggression and plot-breeding,” the criticism said.
The “international specialist” mused that perhaps the snafu was caused by him reading a script that his advisers had written ahead of time, fearful of the president’s frequent slips of the tongue.

Kim hypothesized that, if not, the conclusion may be that he has an intellectual issue and that his rash words are merely a display of imprudence by an elderly man in his senility.”

Kim appeared to bemoan the situation of White House communications team members after concluding that the latter was more plausible given that his subordinates had a hard time explaining his misstatements. It’s no surprise that his staff implored him not to answer any questions from journalists, as they were finding it difficult to deal with the fallout from their president being labeled a ” slipper of tongue.”

The North Korean insulted Biden further by questioning whether he could have done anything well in his 50-year political career with such an IQ.

The commentary concluded with, “Gloomy, it seems, is the future of the U.S. with such a feeble man in power,”