Kim Jong Un Regime Accuses UN Of Being Behind U.S. Conspiracy

( North Korea said Friday that it won’t put up with an American-led attempt to use the human rights issue to overturn its political system by calling the U.N.’s top expert on the nation’s human rights “a puppet.”

North Korea is very sensitive to any outside criticism of its human rights record and views it as a smear campaign against its family-run leadership, which the same family has run for 70 years.

Its most recent response comes as Elizabeth Salmón, the U.N. special rapporteur on the human rights situation in the North, makes her first trip to South Korea this week to meet with authorities, activists, and North Korean defectors after her appointment to the position last month.

Salmón stated in her opening remarks that the harsh pandemic-related constraints added to decades-long injustices had caused “new and more acute hardships” for North Koreans, which she urged not to be ignored. She declared that she was sure that greater resolve was needed to galvanize worldwide solidarity to defend human rights in North Korea.

An unnamed North Foreign Ministry representative attacked the U.N. rapporteur in a statement on Friday without explicitly naming her.

Salmón was accused of exhibiting “ignorance and skewed vision” in the statement. During her visit to South Korea, she was chastised for making “unpardonable reckless remarks trespassing upon our inviolable system and sovereign rights.”

The statement said, “We know well that the U.S. thoroughly extends out its tentacles on (her) back,” accusing Washington of being Salmón’s supporter.

“The U.S. and other hostile forces ‘human rights’ scam has nothing to do with the guarantee of actual human rights and is nothing but the most politicized unfriendly methods for ruining the respectable image of (North Korea).”

The U.S. and its vassal forces’ “human rights” racket, which aims to topple North Korea’s social order, will never be forgiven by the country.

The ministry of the North reiterated its former stance that it will never acknowledge or correspond with any U.N. special rapporteur on its human rights. Observers claim that the inability of Salmón’s predecessors to visit North Korea has complicated international efforts to gather more trustworthy and impartial information about human rights violations.

Salmón, a Peruvian, was referred to as a he in The North’s English-language statement. Sometimes there are grammar mistakes in the English messages from the North. Salmón, the first woman to hold that role, was specifically mentioned in Friday’s announcement, according to South Korea’s Unification Ministry, which manages relations with North Korea.