Kim Jong Un Orders Military Action As Regime Hit With Food Shortage After Natural Disaster

( North Korean communist dictator Kim Jong-un has called on his military to begin new relief work in parts of his country that have been totally decimated by flooding. The flooding, which was caused by torrential rain.

Over 1,000 homes in the regions affected have been damaged, and more than 5,000 people have been evacuated. The heavy rain caused river banks to collapse.

Incredibly, footage of the flooding exists, showing homes destroyed and people being evacuated.

It offers a rare insight into life inside of North Korea, where citizens are not allowed to leave and video footage of anything other than its capital city Pyongyang is typically forbidden. Much of North Korea is rural and poor, and after the COVID-19 outbreak, most people in the country have been affected by food shortages and worsening poverty.

The floods destroyed vital crops in the country, too.

It’s unclear how North Korea plans to replace this necessary lost food.

Roughly 10 miles of bridges and roads have been destroyed in the eastern region of South Hamgyong. It prompted the ruling Workers’ Party to hold discussions with the Central Military Commission to discuss recovery efforts. Kim Jong Un did not attend the meetings but reportedly ordered the military to provide supplies to the region and assist in minimizing damage to the crops in the area.

For a country that doesn’t care much about the people at all, the relief operations seem pretty extensive. It just makes you wonder whether they would be so extensive if crops weren’t on the line.

In June, Kim Jong Un warned that the country was facing a “tense” situation with food after the nation’s agricultural sector failed to meet targets owing to flooding last year. Combined with the damaging effect of cutting off a vast majority of the nation’s trade with China, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s clear that North Korea will need to take drastic action soon – or face losing a huge percentage of its population to poverty and starvation.

This is what communism looks like.