Kim Jong Un Names Himself General Secretary Of Ruling Party

(PatrioticPost)- Kim Jong Un, the communist dictator of North Korea, has officially changed his title. Kim, who has been wrought with unexplained sickness and absences over the last year, is no longer the chairman of the ruling Workers’ Party but is now the general secretary.

The rank was held by both his late father and grandfather, the nation’s two previous communist dictators.

Kim even reportedly removed his sister, who is widely considered to be his successor and the second-in-command in North Korea, from the North Korean politburo.

It is a move reportedly designed to increase his authority and powers over the nation – as if he didn’t have enough already – as the country faces worsening economic problems during the COVID-19 pandemic. North Korea, which claims to have zero cases of the Chinese coronavirus, has shut down its borders completely with other nation in an effort to stop the virus entering the country.

During the sixth day of the first party congress in four years, Kim also committed to building a bigger nuclear weapons system and detailed his plans to strengthen the nation’s economy. Kim also revealed his plans to prepare for natural disasters and improve his country amid sanctions pushed by the United States.

In a statement from the congress, Kim was described as having “gloriously realized the historic mission to complete the country’s nuclear build-up plan.”

“Kims’ takeover shows his confidence, that he has now officially joined the ranks of his father and grandfather,” South Korean professor Yang Moo-jin, from the Seoul University of North Korean Studies, told the press.

“It also indicates his strategic intention to centralize the party system around him and reinforce his one-man rule,” he added.

This is not the first time that ruling Kim has changed his title at a party congress. During the last one, in 2016, Kim changed his title from first secretary of the party to chairman.

The decision to remove his sister, Kim Yo Jong, as spurred speculation that her power may be waning or that there may be disagreement among the ranks. Kim Yo Jong was just the second woman in the country to join the politburo, following her auntie, Kim Kyong Hui.

What on earth is going on in North Korea?