Kim Jong Un Announces K-Pop A “Vicious Cancer” And Fans Should Get Death

( Ok, so Kim Jong Un doesn’t have cancer (at least as far as we know,) but he did make a bizarre comparison between K-pop and cancer recently.

Documents smuggled out of the secretive communist state and seen by South Korea’s Daily NK were recently translated for the European and American media outlets. The New York Times reporter Choe Sang-Hun was responsible for translating the documents and revealed how the communist dictator is taking a hard line against popular K-pop music coming from South Korea.

The Times report suggests that a law was passed in December last year that sentences citizens to between five and 15 years of hard labor for either watching or possessing any entertainment that came from South Korea. Those who are found to “speak, write, or sing” in a style that could be considered South Korean will also face a sentence of two years in prison.

Kim has previously compared music to a “vicious cancer” – which is ironically similar to the Qur’an’s take on music – and even blamed popular music for influencing Koreans to wear clothes and hair that the communist leader does not approve of. He also complained about how music was having an influence on the behavior and speech of young Koreans.

The Times revealed how in May, one North Korean man was executed after he was accused of selling CDs and USB devices that contained South Korean films, television shows, music, and various other kinds of entertainment.

Last year, Kim also warned that North Korea was witnessing a “serious change” in the mental and ideological state of its young people – a reference to the fact that younger generations are increasingly standing up to the totalitarian regime and importing South Korean music, including K-pop.

Could it be that the only way for North Korea to ever really change is for the young people to overthrow Kim, or whoever comes after him?