KFC Apologizes To Customers After Holiday Message Gone Wrong

(PatrioticPost.com)- Kentucky Fried Chicken was forced to issue an apology last week after its KFC app sent out an accidental alert message to customers in Germany appearing to treat the anniversary of the Nazi’s Kristallnacht as some kind of celebratory holiday.

Kristallnacht, or “the night of the broken glass,” took place on November 9 and 10, 1938. Nazis ripped through Jewish areas, destroying homes, businesses, and synagogues.

The Germans mark the anniversary of Kristallnacht as a memorial to honor the victims of the Nazis, not as a holiday.

But the boneheads at KFC sent out an alert telling customers to “Commemorate Kristallnacht” by treating “yourself to more soft cheese and crispy chicken.”

Dairy and chicken. Not exactly Kosher.

What came first, the fried chicken or the egg on KFC’s face?

Unsurprisingly, Kentucky Fried Chicken’s non-kosher and inappropriate message was met with significant blowback.

About an hour after sending the “Eat Non-Kosher for Kristallnacht” message, KFC sent an additional customer alert apologizing for the error and assuring them that the company would “check our internal processes immediately” to ensure it doesn’t do it again on the next Kristallnacht anniversary.

The German outlet Bild described the error as “tasteless,” calling it “fast-food advertising at the cost of the remembrance of the victims of the Nazi regime.”

According to CNN, KFC uses a “semi-automated content creation process” that is linked to calendars that include “national observances.” KFC told CNN that in the Kristallnacht instance, the company’s “internal review process was not properly followed.” This resulted in a “non-approved notification” being sent.

In its statement to CNN, KFC “sincerely” apologized for the “insensitive and unacceptable message,” adding that the app messages would be temporarily paused pending an investigation.

KFC claimed in its statement that the message was sent “accidentally” to German KFC app users. The company said it respects “the gravity and history” of Kristallnacht and remains “committed to equity, inclusion, and belonging for all.”