Kevin McCarthy Says Democrat May Pick House Speaker Anyway

( Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the Republican House leader and aspiring speaker, said on Newsmax on Monday that if GOP members “play games,” the Democrats would end up choosing the next House speaker despite being in the minority.

Sean Spicer said to McCarthy that it’d been heard from a few people that they won’t vote for him for speaker, and when they inquire about their wants, they specify a few guidelines and concessions they require to give him their vote.

Spicer asked them straight out, “If you get those concessions, will you vote for McCarthy?”

He told McCarthy that the people say “they are not sure.”

“Then, who do you want as your candidate?” he asked.

He frustratingly explained that they mentioned Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and even Donald Trump. But he noted that all three of these people support McCarthy!

Spicer reminded the viewers that some of these individuals had their races financially supported by McCarthy.

McCarthy listened as Spicer said he doesn’t envy his task because the disgruntled people aren’t setting a target for him.

Everybody has voted for you. The conference has spoken. James Comer said you’ve earned the opportunity. You were the quarterback, the coach that led them to the big game and won.

What can you say to them that is going to change them at this point to get you 218?

“Well, we have to listen, but you have to pay attention to everyone in the conference because, when you’re in the majority, five people on any side can scuttle any plan. We still have five more weeks to respond,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy said he wants to ensure that everyone may contribute, but they all must speak with a single voice.

He noted that the House Republican Conference is the only stopgap for this Biden government, which makes the situation extremely vulnerable.

“Democrats could seize the majority if we don’t handle this properly,” McCarthy says.