Kevin McCarthy Gets Praise From Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera, a frequent guest on Fox News’s The Five, responded to criticism of the agreement on the debt ceiling that President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) made on Saturday. 

In a message published on Twitter on Sunday morning, Rivera explained to critics the meaning of the word “compromise” forcefully. Rivera also didn’t pull any punches when he thanked the people who negotiated the arrangement for “defying your crazies.”

He said he would want to tell those opposed to the not-so-grand compromise that prevents a disastrous default on the nation’s debt that it is a settlement because it is adequate for both sides. 

Rivera is consistently at odds with the host of The Five, Greg Gutfeld, over Rivera’s liberal opinions. The Five is the most popular program on Fox News. 

Rivera’s tweet reflects weeks of worry discussed across the U.S. media and political arenas about the inability of either McCarthy or Biden to please their respective political constituencies and achieve a deal.

McCarthy welcomed the agreement as a victory for his camp and praised its inclusion of “historic reductions in spending” and “consequential reforms.”

However, the House Freedom Caucus, which represents the most conservative members of the Republican Party, has stated that they will do everything in their power to attempt to prevent it from moving forward before the vote on Wednesday.

Rep. Chip Roy, a Republican from Texas, said on Sunday, “We’re going to try” to pass the bill. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) said, “You can count on me as a NO on this deal.” “There is room for improvement.”

McCarthy has dismissed these worries, telling reporters that “over 95%” of his fellow Republicans in the House are “overwhelmingly excited” about the arrangement.

“This is a good robust bill that will receive support from most Republicans.