Kamala Harris Went Home And Almost Nobody Showed Up To Greet Her

(PatrioticPost.com)- On Monday, Vice President embarrassed herself when she turned up to Oakland, California – her home state and home town – and was greeted by…well, nobody. It was the first time she returned since the day of the inauguration and was there to take a look at a water treatment facility.

We’re meant to believe that the Biden-Harris campaign was the most popular in American history, gaining more votes than any other presidential campaign in history, but nobody wants to see the vice president when she returns home?

The Gateway Pundit revealed how one woman appeared to be taking photographs of the motorcade, and the other women who was there – who Harris appeared to be waving at – didn’t even know Harris was coming.

Harris was taking a tour of the Upper San Leandro Water Treatment Plant, and then moved on to visit small businesses and engage in a round table discussion with local business leaders.

The more videos you watch of this, the more incredible (and shocking) it is that nobody cares she is there.

Remember the crowds that President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence would generate wherever they went?

Lauren Boebert, the Republican congresswoman for Colorado’s 3rd district, slammed Harris for her “photo ops in Oakland” while Joe Biden’s policies were causing a crisis on the border.

“Joe Biden’s lack of leadership on the Border Crisis is a National Security risk,” she said. “Kamala Harris is too busy cackling and doing photo ops in Oakland to be bothered by it.”

And it’s hard to disagree, too. Last month, Vice President Harris was appointed by President Joe Biden to oversee the border crisis and to negotiate with leaders of South American nations to find the “root causes” of the problem. But since then, Harris not only hasn’t been down to the border, but hasn’t announced any news on the border or how they are going to handle it.

As record numbers of illegal aliens and unaccompanied children cross the border, and as facilities grow ever more overcrowded, the Democrats keep finding something else to talk about.