Kamala Harris Used as Tool to Win Over Black Voter Demographic

Even some staunch supporters perceive her as lacking substance, often resorting to uncomfortable laughter and ill-phrased remarks. 

Her polling numbers are disappointingly low, which leads to speculation that President Joe Biden might consider changing his running mate for the 2024 election.

“How do you navigate the issue of Kamala? There’s a growing feeling that she’s not fitting in and isn’t contributing much to the administration,” voiced Democratic pollster John Zogby. 

How does the DNC utilize Kamala Harris in a fiercely competitive re-election campaign? He posed this question with a fellow pollster who’s also his son, Jeremy Zogby.

Jeremy Zogby, the principal partner of John Zogby Strategies, was even more critical of Harris.

She’s a significant challenge, and she’s not an effective communicator. She struggles to articulate complex ideas. There’s much laughter, much evasion when answering questions directly, and plenty of theatrics. 

The pair suggested that Biden could potentially reassign her to another role, such as United Nations ambassador, making room for a new Vice-Presidential candidate who could provide more support in his re-election campaign or smoothly take over if Biden chose to step down, possibly making room for a rising Democratic star such as Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA).

However, according to Biden’s advisors, that is not possible, mainly because the former California senator and the first-ever female and black Vice President brings more value to the ticket than otherwise.

Democrats feel they have a well-rounded ticket, citing a growing economy, early legislative victories under Biden, and Harris’s appeal to women and younger voters.

Another advisor rejected Zogby’s proposal to replace Harris with a more presidential figure to alleviate concerns about Biden’s ability to complete his term. 

While this may be a topic of humor in Washington circles, the advisor maintained that it’s not a significant concern nationally, as polls show Biden and Harris consistently within the margin of error in most general election matchups against former President Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) who are the current GOP frontrunners.

Considering the significant role that African American voters, especially African American women who vote more frequently and exhibit greater loyalty to the party than African American men, play in Democratic success, Kamala’s position as the first black Vice President is bound to contribute positively to the upcoming election.

She has a unique way of discussing reproductive rights that the President may not possess. This was evident in her discussions around these issues following the Roe decision. 

Speaking on abortion is a needed aspect of the 2024 election, in addition to her numerous other contributions. She introduces a fresher, more youthful energy to the campaign, which is beneficial.