Kamala Harris Still Owes More Than $1 Million From Her Failed Presidential Campaign

(PatrioticPost.com)- The Democratic vice presidential candidate hasn’t paid debt she owes from her failed bid for president.

Kamala Harris apparently still owes $1.1 million for expenses she incurred while she was running for the Democratic nominee for president, according to information on file with the Federal Election Committee.

Harris raised roughly $39 million for her run, but her campaign spent roughly $40 million. The Senator from California ultimately ended her presidential bid last December after she had a lack of money and a major drop in polls.

Bloomberg News reported that the Harris presidential campaign still owes $160,702 to TorchStone Global LLC. She owes $92,408 to political consulting firm SCRB Strategies, which is based in California. And she owes $523,883 to international law firm Perkins Coie LLP, which handles election law for many top Democrats.

Filings reveal that as of late June, the Harris campaign had almost $1.14 million in total outstanding debt, while having only $116,380 in the bank. That means that Harris’ presidential campaign is still technically ongoing. Campaigns can’t shut down under federal law until all bills are paid.

While Joe Biden and Harris together have raised a lot of money together in the short amount of time they’ve been an official presidential ticket, that money can’t help out much. Federal election law states the Biden-Harris campaign can only donate $2,000 to help the Harris presidential campaign pay off her debt.

So, even though the pair raised almost $48 million in just the first two days after Biden publicly announced Harris as his running mate, that money can do Harris’ failed solo campaign no good.

What’s more, the Democratic National Committee can only help out to the tune of $5,000.

What Harris can do, though, is have Biden ask his supporters to come to Harris’ aid. Back in 2008, Hillary Clinton ended her presidential campaign against Barack Obama. Clinton’s campaign had racked more than $20 million in debt at that time.

Clinton – who won the Democratic nomination in 2016 but lost to President Donald Trump – didn’t end up paying off those debts until 2013. Obama stepped in to help then, asking his supporters to donate to help her pay off her debt.

Bill Clinton even stepped up to help his wife. He sent fundraising letters, raffled out trips, dinners and even memorabilia from the campaign to raise money to pay off her debt. Hillary herself was banned from fundraising at the time because she was named Obama’s Secretary of State.

Harris isn’t the only Democrat whose failed presidential campaign owes money. The campaign for Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts owes almost $1.8 million in debt, while having only $833,313 in the bank.

At 55 years old, Harris represents the “bridge” to the next generation of Democrats, according to Biden, who will turn 78 years old a few weeks after the election. She is the first Indian-American and Black woman to appear on the presidential ticket for a major political party.