Kamala Harris Staffers Leaking Shocking Info To The Press

(PatrioticPost.com)- By now, most people know that Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t exactly the nicest woman to work with, right? She had a reputation as a California prosecutor, as a California Senator, and even during her failed presidential run. It’s probably the reason why she dropped out of the presidential race before California even had a chance to vote for her.

So you probably won’t be surprised to learn that people from within Harris’ vice-presidential office are leaking stories about what it’s like to work with her.

This week, Politico reported stories from 22 current and former aides of the vice president and revealed that Harris is not so easy to work with. The outlet reveals how staff say it’s “not a healthy environment” to work, and some of the stories are absolutely shocking.

The outlet noted how Harris’ own office was totally blindsided by the news that she planned to visit the border, following three months of pressure from the Republicans to head south and see the damage being done by the Biden administration. Politico says that aides were texting and calling each other for days about the possible political fallout that would come from the trip, and when it was revealed that she was planning on visiting El Paso, her team was left scrambling to make travel arrangements and craft a message for the administration.

If they desperately need to craft a message, that means they’re being dishonest, right?

In interviews with the current and former aides, the outlet says that the office atmosphere is “tense” and “dour.” Harris has reportedly created an extremely insular environment where new ideas are dismissed and decisions take forever to be made, and Harris even reportedly refuses to take responsibility for delicate issues.

And staffers get blamed when things go wrong.

One anonymous aide said that people are “thrown under the bus” by Harris, that the environment is “abusive,” and Harris has a short fuse. People also reportedly don’t feel supported and a treated “like sh*t.”

You can read the full and shocking report here.

Harris wants to become president. Is this the kind of person we want as our commander in chief?