Kamala Harris’ Silence After Biden Scandal Raises Eyebrows

(PatrioticPost.com)- Kamala Harris has been eerily silent about a significant scandal in her administration. Some Republicans think this could be a sign that Vice President Harris may try to get President Joe Biden to step aside so she may run for the White House.

She has not rushed to her boss’s aid.

Harris’s unsettling silence over the crisis with the President’s top-secret documents cannot be ignored. She has mostly stuck to the script in her public statements throughout this period, covering topics like global warming, Venn diagrams, energy, school buses, and the southern border invasion.

Trump was called “irresponsible” by Harris in August for challenging the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid. The use of hyperbole for a political goal that might hurt law enforcement officers and agents is “simply incredibly irresponsible of anybody who considers themselves a leader and definitely anyone who represents the United States of America,” Harris added.

Harris has made a number of public remarks since the Biden scandal broke, but she has neither endorsed Biden nor denounced any misconduct.

Biden and Harris seem to have a tense relationship that dates back years. Before news that First Lady Jill Biden was unhappy that Harris was chosen as Biden’s running mate, the two were at odds throughout the 2020 presidential campaign. Biden assigned Harris the duty of protecting the southern border after the inauguration, a duty at odds with the administration’s enforcement and Harris’s far-left beliefs.

According to Kash Patel, a former deputy director of national intelligence in the Trump administration, Harris’ silence is reminiscent of that of previous President Barack Obama. Patel, who also served as the Pentagon Chief of Staff during the Trump administration, said it was purposeful for Kamala Harris and the Obamas to remain silent about the corruption cover-up.

Patel said, “They both want Biden gone and are simultaneously allowing their own pals in the media expose him and defend their own selfish interests. It’s not a coincidence.”

During the first year of Biden’s presidency, Harris was regularly seen with the president; however, this changed with Biden’s catastrophic retreat from Afghanistan. Harris has just lately started to appear alongside Biden at more open gatherings. In the meantime, Harris appeared at a White House event in April 2022 with former President Barack Obama, who was making his first appearance there in five years to give a speech. Following Obama’s address, in which he made 33 references to himself, guests surrounded the joyful Obama at the reception.

Biden, looking pathetic, stood on the periphery of Obama and Harris’s adoring sycophants. Biden tried to get Obama’s attention, even grabbing his shoulder. But poor Joe was ignored.

The picture was worth a thousand words.