Kamala Harris Reportedly Played “Key Role” In Afghanistan Crisis

(PatrioticPost.com)- Back in April after President Biden first announced his plan to withdraw from Afghanistan by the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, Vice President Kamala Harris was interviewed on CNN’s “State of the Union” by host Dana Bash.

It was a monstrously soft-ball interview intended to make Kamala look like a competent, in-the-loop leader with an outsized role in the White House’s decision-making.

During the interview, Bash, to show just how important Kamala is to the inner workings of the administration, asked if Harris was “the last person in the room” when President Biden made the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan by September 11.

And because the utterly inexperienced Kamala was thirsty to look like she’s vital to the White House’s foreign policy decisions, proudly answered “Yes.”

Politico did a short feature on Kamala’s CNN interview – using the headline “Harris says she had a key role in Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal decision.”


How much do you want to bet that Harris wishes she could go back in time and change her answer?

The interview is awful for another reason given the current situation.

Not only did Harris affirm that, yes, she was the last one in the room when the decision was made, she also praised Biden for his “extraordinary amount of courage” regarding the decision. She lavished her senile boss with kudos, saying that Joe “is someone, who I have seen over and over again, make decisions based on what he truly believes … is the right thing to do.”

Do you think she still feels that way?

More than likely no.

Because after the crap hit the fan this weekend and Joe Biden was forced to fly back to the White House to give his pathetic speech, Vice President “Last Person in the Room” Harris refused to stand behind the President as he gave his excuse-making speech.

The woman who looms over Biden at every press event like a vulture didn’t want to be anywhere near him when he ate crow.

On Wednesday, the White House tweeted out a photo of President Biden and Vice President Harris meeting with his national security team. One America News reporter Jack Posobiec called attention to Harris who, while the rest of the team is looking at the President, is sitting with her eyes down on the table and her head in her hand.

Vice President “Last Person in the Room” clearly did not want to be one of the people in that room.