Kamala Harris Presidential Chances Collapse After Series Of Insane Blunders

(PatrioticPost.com)- On Monday, Axios shared concerns about Kamala Harris and her general unpopularity, describing how her stumbles during her first foreign trip have sparked debate about whether she is the problem, or her staff.

It follows a disastrous speech she made in Guatemala, where she effectively admitted that former President Donald Trump was right about the border, and explicitly told people in Guatemala, “do not come.”

She insisted that the United States would enforce its immigration laws and border security, even though the Biden administration stopped the construction of the border wall and has promised an amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens in the United States.

Axios warned that Harris is in a “tough spot” juggling “voting rights” and immigration. The outlet said that Harris chose “voting rights” to be an issue she aimed to tackle as vice president and that it could have “Little upside and huge downside.”

The huge downside, of course, being that every citizen of the United States already has the same voting rights, and the campaign to allegedly make voting rights fairer is actually a campaign to stop Republicans from making it harder for people to illegally cast votes.

Slate also suggested on Thursday that President Joe Biden might already be setting her up to fail by putting her in charge of the border crisis and election legislation, knowing that these two issues are already proving the be the least popular issues among the general public.

Slate said that Harris is getting the “short end of the political stick.”

It sounds as though the left-wing press is already upset and concerned about her lack of popularity and the fact that if this carries on, the chances of people liking her enough to vote for her as a future president get slimmer and slimmer.