Kamala Harris Lashes Out At Reporter

(PatrioticPost.com)- Vice President Kamala Harris is already showing that she can’t handle the heat, blowing up at reporters over questions she doesn’t like during a roadshow designed to show her off.

During a stop in Las Vegas as part of the “Help Is Here” tour, Harris snapped at reporters who asked her why she was trying so hard to sell the disastrous $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill.

You know, the COVID relief bill that assigns billions of dollars to non-white farmers based exclusively on race, and bails out Democrat-run states and cities whose budget deficits existed long before the COVID pandemic.

“Madam Vice President, the White House said — the White House has said repeatedly that this is a very popular law,” a reporter was heard asking Harris. “If that’s the case, why is it important to get out and sell it?”

A good question, and one Harris clearly didn’t like.

“I’m not selling it, it’s literally letting people know their rights, right?” she said. “it’s kind of like you, you buy a product, you’ve already been sold a product but you need some directions on the box.”

Harris thought she could get away by cackling and laughing, but reporters really wanted to know what kind of tax hikes would be implemented to pay for the massive bill.

That’s when Harris admitted, “Part of what the president and I are talking about is also reminding people to file their taxes.”

VP Harris is out on the road to tell you why the bad legislation is good, and why Americans who have been hit hard by Democrat-pushed lockdowns should pay their taxes.

“We’ve got 30 days to do it before April 15,” she said, which also appeared to indicate that the IRS won’t be providing extensions to the deadlines as they did last year.

President Joe Biden is a real president of the people, huh…

Harris also snapped and revealed the Biden administration’s lack of preparedness over how they plan to pay for the American “rescue plan.”

“We haven’t really figured out what the next phase is going to be, to be honest with you,” she said.

Take a look.

The tour, the White House says, is designed to “communicate directly and clearly with Americans abut how the American Rescue Plan is helping them and their families and making sure they understand how to utilize benefits available to them.”

Racist “reparations” paid to people based on their ethnicity doesn’t exactly help white American families, does it?