Kamala Harris Beats Ron DeSantis In Shocking 2024 Matchup Poll

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In a recent poll pitting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis against Vice President Kamala Harris in a presidential election in 2024, the Democrat comes out on top.

According to a Harvard/Harris poll, Harris is the preferred candidate of 41% of respondents, with DeSantis receiving 38% and 20% uncertain.

This is consistent with past competitive matches between DeSantis and Harris that the same pollster has examined.

In a poll conducted in April, Harris received 42 percent of the vote, while DeSantis was chosen by 38 percent of those questioned. According to a February poll, Harris was selected by 41% of those polled, while DeSantis was selected by 39%. In a Harvard/Harris poll conducted in January, DeSantis led by one point, 40 percent to 39 percent.

In the current poll, DeSantis trails previous President Donald Trump, who received 47 percent of the vote against Harris in a hypothetical 2024 election, despite being 7 points ahead of the Vice President.

The 2024 GOP horse race was followed, as it has been in past editions of this survey and others. Republicans preferred Trump, with DeSantis coming in second.

Trump was chosen by 41% of respondents, with DeSantis coming in second with 12% of the vote. Last month, in a field that included Trump and DeSantis, the former President received 58 percent of Republican registered voters’ support, 45 points ahead of the Florida Governor.

DeSantis won a non-Trump field, garnering 25% of Republican-leaning support, putting him 10% ahead of former Vice President Mike Pence. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas came in third with 9% of the vote. Ambassador Nikki Haley received 5% of the vote, putting her in fourth place ahead of Sen. Marco Rubio, who received 3% in the non-Trump field.

While some polls show DeSantis as more competitive against Trump and more dominating without him, straw polls paint an even more enticing picture for those hoping for a change of guard. Last weekend, a straw poll of activists at the Wisconsin Republican state convention showed DeSantis ahead of Trump. The identical result was found in a straw poll of Jacksonville voters.

DeSantis has maintained that he has no interest in running for President in 2024, despite pollsters continuing to ask him about it.