Kamala Fumbles When Asked Simple Question About Her Position

In the NY Times “Run Up” podcast, Vice President Kamala Harris seemed flustered when asked about the racial considerations that went into her selection as Joe Biden’s running partner.

New York Times reporter Astead Herndon spoke with Harris in August and featured their conversation with Harris last week.

Herndon specifically targeted Biden’s selection of Harris for 2020. All four of Biden’s final July 2020 veep contenders were black women.

A report shows two hundred black activist Democrat women sent an open letter to Joe Biden demanding a black woman be chosen.

In 2020, Democrat Representative Maxine Waters projected that having won the Democrat primary with the support of black voters, he owed them to select a black woman as his running mate.

Herndon questioned Harris on how it made her feel to be selected solely on her color and gender rather than her accomplishments. Herndon stated that Biden came to the conclusion that he was required to pick a black woman.

Herndon said that her identity, not your personality, is what it is about. That notion that Biden needed to select a black person—should it matter?

In response, Harris claimed she was confused by Herndon’s question.

Harris answered that Biden did pick a black woman. It really happened. She then said she was sorry. She didn’t understand the question. As she laughed, she said Biden picked a black woman, and that black woman was here. She said she doubted he had any doubts about his decision. He has decided, and he has put her on the ticket, Harris said.

In October, “60 Minutes” host Bill Whitaker claimed his crew talked to several Democrat contributors who were worried there would be a “free-for-all” to run for president if Biden were to die or become incompetent.

Harris strangely replied that Joe Biden was alive and well and seeking reelection.

A report reveals that LaTosha Brown, a co-founder of Black Voters Matter, blamed Democrats for Harris’s failure to win. As a result of the generation gap, she believes there are saboteurs inside the government. They’re concerned that Kamala will steal the spotlight from Joe Biden.