Justice Kavanaugh Becomes The Ideological Median On Supreme Court

(PatrioticPost.com)- As the United States Supreme Court begins its new term this Monday, it faces making some of the most crucial decisions ever made by the nation’s highest court.

And with a 6-3 conservative majority, which has been established in an entirely legitimate way despite what the democrats say, many of the decisions that will be made through the rest of the year are unlikely to be popular with progressives.

And according to an analysis by SCOTUSblog published at the end of last year, Justice Brett Kavanaugh is currently the most ideological median on the court.

Democrats call him a hardcore conservative, but the truth is that Kavanaugh was in the majority 97% of the time. It means he is more likely to take sides on a case based on whether he truly believes his decisions is the correct constitutional assessment of the situation.

The SCOTUSblog was first established by Tom Goldstein and Amy Howe in 2002. It covers all news related to the Supreme Court comprehensively and with zero bias. It has long been used to examine the way in which Supreme Court justices vote.

The blog described how Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett has shifted the ideological position of the court to the right in her first term, which started on October 5 of last year and ended on July 2 this year.

Some 43% of decisions were unanimous in the last term, just less than the 46% average over the last 10 years.

When the court was divided on a case, Justice Kavanaugh was in the majority opinion 95% of the time.

The blog says that it remains unclear whether Kavanaugh will be the ideological median throughout the next term, but so far it suggests that much of what the Democrats say about him is just plain wrong.

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