Justice Breyer Responds To Retirement Rumors

(PatrioticPost.com)- United States Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has faced a torrent of abuse and pressure from Democrats through 2021, with even high-profile Democrats like far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling on the liberal-leaning judge to step down from his position on the court.

As one of the three remaining liberal members of the court, and also the oldest member of the court overall, the Clinton-appointed judge continues to face pretty ugly bullying from Democrats who fear that he may die after Biden leaves office and give a future Republican president an opportunity to nominate another conservative judge.

On Monday, a group of extremist activists heckled Justice Breyer as he gave an interview to CNN reporter Joan Biskupic. They were standing and shouting, waving signs calling on the veteran judge to resign.

And while it doesn’t appear as though Breyer intends to resign immediately, his comments did seem to suggest that the pressure may be getting to him a little.

He told CNN that he didn’t have anything else to say, that there are a lot of considerations that he doesn’t want to expand on, but that he has also previously said that he hopes he doesn’t die on the Supreme Court.

It means that Breyer certainly intends to resign…just not now.

He may even resign before Biden leaves office. Who knows?

The chances that he may stay in office to spite the angry protesters pressuring him seem to go up every day, though.

Just take a look at this recent example of hecklers pressuring him to resign, so that President Joe Biden can nominate a far-left extremist in his place. Presumably a female, Black, disabled, two-spirit LGBTQ+ activist judge, too.

Do these hecklers realize how vile their behavior has become?