Judge Reverses Contempt Filings Against Trump

(PatrioticPost.com)- On Wednesday, a court in the state of New York withdrew a contempt order that had been made against Donald Trump. The order had been imposed after the former president of the United States refused to comply with a subpoena that was issued as part of a civil investigation into his business activities.

After the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James, conducting the investigation, concluded that Trump’s latest submissions fulfilled the court’s earlier instructions, Justice Arthur Engoron deleted the subpoena. The state of New York is conducting the investigation.

Engoron stated, “It is hereby ordered that respondent Donald J. Trump’s contempt be cleansed.”

Engoron mandated that the $110,000 fine Trump paid as part of his terms of contempt be kept in the attorney general’s escrow account, awaiting the result of an appeal.

Alina Habba, a lawyer for Trump, said that although they were happy that the court had overturned the contempt judgment, they maintain that it was entirely unnecessary and unlawful in the first place. To obtain justice for their client, they shall continue with our appeal.

James is looking into claims that the Trump Organization misrepresented the listed values of some of its real estate properties to benefit financially.

More than two months after holding Trump in contempt of court for refusing to turn over papers in response to a subpoena from James’ office, Engoron issued the order on Wednesday afternoon.

The attorney general charged that Trump was “seeking to dodge” the court’s directive that he must fully cooperate with the investigation. The judge deemed Trump’s and his attorneys’ sworn declarations to Engoron “insufficient,” even though they claimed to have no other papers to produce.

Trump was mandated to pay a $10,000 fee each day until he was determined to comply with the court as part of the contempt judgment.

Days after the judge’s ruling, Trump filed an appeal of the contempt finding and requested that Engoron’s order be suspended while the appeal was pending. The appeals division denied that appeal.